The requirement

PCS faced a challenging situation where they needed to serve legal papers to the underlying individual engaged in fraudulent activities. The target had gone to great lengths to conceal their address, making traditional means of service difficult. Traditional methods of locating the individual proved futile, and the law firm required specialised investigative services to track down the target’s current address for the successful service of legal documents.

The law firm sought the expertise of GSA Global to conduct a thorough investigation and locate the individual for proper legal action. 

The solution

GSA Global offered a comprehensive solution, leveraging its extensive experience and high-level investigative skills to conduct a thorough due diligence process. The goal was to locate the individual, gather relevant information, and facilitate the successful serving of legal papers.

Our team demonstrated professionalism in their approach – meticulously examining available information and employing advanced investigative techniques to gather intelligence on the target. Investigators showcased high-level skills – including data analysis, surveillance, and information extraction – that proved crucial in piecing together the puzzle.

The target’s efforts to remain hidden required a flexible and adaptive investigative approach. GSA Global demonstrated its ability to adjust strategies based on evolving circumstances, ensuring the investigation remained on course.

Speaking of the investigation, Tasnim Khalid, Managing Partner at Private Client Solicitors, said:

We are immensely grateful for the outstanding investigation services provided by GSA Global. In a challenging situation where we needed to locate an individual engaged in fraudulent activities on behalf of one of our clients, their team exhibited unparalleled professionalism, experience, and high-level skills. GSA Global’s dedication to due diligence was evident in their ability to uncover crucial information that allowed us to serve legal papers successfully. We highly recommend their services to any organisation facing complex investigative challenges.”

The result

GSA Global’s successful collaboration with Private Client Solicitors firm underscores their proficiency in providing top-tier investigation services. The positive outcome of locating the elusive individual for legal action stands as a testament to GSA Global’s commitment to delivering results in complex cases that demand a blend of experience, skill, and adaptability.